Alegria Biodanza Festival Liquid Bliss

Experience Fluid Movements in Loving Water


Liquid Bliss Festival 2018

ist das erste Biodanza Festival, wo du auf der Erde und im Wasser tanzt.
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Beginn: Donnerstag, 9. August 2018, 19 Uhr
Ende: Sonntag, 12. August 2018, 15 Uhr

Preis 190
(Frühbucherpreis 170 € bei Anmeldung und Bezahlung bis zum 30. April 2018)
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Auftretenden Facilitatoren sind

unterstützt von den

in Kißlegg

Sebastian-Kneipp-Str. 1
88353 Kißlegg

You are all very welcome to dance with us at this special festival. Usually on the ground and very unusual in the water. After our successful festivals in 2015, 2016 and 2017, we are here again this year. From Thursday to Sunday (August 9th to 12th) our festival will be held. We will dance together our Vivencias in the space of Achat and in the beautiful pool.

All session are facilitated by our lovely team of Facilitators that you can enjoy the new element and the healing quality of the water very deep. For our sessions on land a beautiful dance floor present the trustful quality of the element earth. We encourage also Biodanza beginners to join us to this special arrangements.



This is our new Biodanza Festival and its in the water. We create “Liquid Bliss” as the first Biodanza Festival in water worldwide. With Seminarhaus Sonnenstrahl we have the best partner we could wish.

Kisslegg offers the beautiful big pool and is almost in the triangle between Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart.

The Festival is an inspiration with it is full dynamic as wild and energetic. We are moving cooperative and with our hearts. Together we celebrate life and share our experience it is to feel our self our self regulation and our breath.

Our Festival provides an innovative way you will be able to dive deeper in the trance of Biodanza. You will be surprised about the treasuries you will catch.

Every participant has the possibility to have three sessions in Biodanza in Water.

Bliss is our foundational state, bubbling under the surface of everyday awareness patiently awaiting our remembrance, available for us to live a joyous existence.

Liquid Bliss – Alegria Biodanza Festival Flyer 2017 downloaden

one participant wrote:

“It was wonderful not only the Vivencias most of all in the water. I’ll definitely get back. Also the seminar house is a wonderful place for liquid bliss! I deeply remember the “hupa” that I will never forget.” (July 2017)



Seminar Center Sonnenstrahl

Aug 09 - Aug 12, 2018


Since 1994, Petra and Benno Scheyer have created an outstanding international seminar center that guests would like to offer a very special experience. The entire system is not only environmentally friendly and energy efficient but was designed teaching according to Indian Vastu, so that spaces are created, with an especially harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. Free of electrical radiation for a sound sleep. A place to relax with a holistic seminar program. Friendly, attentive care of the guests is just as natural, highest enjoyment while eating tastefully prepared with local organic food.

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